Downtempo, Deep House, Acid House, Electronica, Indie Dance

Kollektiv/ Label

fjeden, fem*vak

Welcome to the sonic universe of pokka. The ever-creative alchemist has refined her sound magic since picking up DJing at So&So Club in Leipzig in 2018. Her sets can range from the sultry depths of 80 bpm to the pulsating heights of 140 bpm, from Acid to Dance to Downbeat. Whether it gets dirty or deep, you will find yourself on the dancefloor. Beyond the decks, pokka is a cultural force. She curates events and works as artist care and stage manager. She is one of the managers and head of communication at Detect Classic Festival, founder of the art- and technology-focused event series Future Boutique, founder of Leipzig-based fjeden collective, and runs the booking and artist management agency undulate.