Hard Techno, EBM-Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Trance, Rave

Kollektiv/ Label

polyphon, fem*vak, RAT.IN.THE.LAB

Starting DJing in 2017, genelelle has now found her place-to-be in Hard Techno. Her sets are influenced by EBM-Techno, Industrial, Rave and Trance – creating an impulsive and energetic atmosphere. Together with friends she founded her own collective polyphon, which has established its reputation with various underground parties – first in Passau and Munich, since 2022 also in genelelles new hometown Leipzig. In 2020 they started their own podcast series – polyphon radio – where they provide a platform for up-and-coming artists, who share their passion for hard, dark Techno and Trance. As co-founder of the feminist initiative fem*vak, genelelle is fighting against sexism in the electronic music scene, while claiming more space for FLINTA* artists. With her first track release in May 2022 for her collective RAT.IN.THE.LAB, genelelle is setting a foot in the exiting journey of music production. More to come for sure.